Digi-Wave and Interpreter Control Console Optimize Interpretation

Language Service Provider Optimizes Interpreting Services with Digi-Wave and Interpreter Control Console

Located in London, UK, WordlyWise Interpreting is a language service provider offering a wide range of interpretation services, including highly skilled interpreters. With more than 15 years of experience, WordlyWise provides its interpretation services for both in-person and hybrid events around the world. To meet client demands for both in-person and hybrid events around the world, they looked for technology capable of effortlessly integrating with other audio systems.

The Solution

WordlyWise Interpreting conducted a thorough evaluation of various interpretation technology systems before selecting Williams AV. The decision was based on the equipment's exceptional flexibility and user-friendly design.

For in-person events, WordlyWise's interpreters rely on the Digi-Wave 400 series transceivers and receivers, which enables seamless communication of interpretations to multiple individuals simultaneously. During remote interpretation via video conferences, the Digi-Wave Connect unit proves invaluable as it effortlessly connects to both audio equipment during in-person events and laptops for hybrid interpretation services.

The Williams AV Interpreter Control Console provides their interpreters with intuitive and professional tools during high-stakes interpreting assignments. It allows a simple, single unit to control multiple interpretation functions.

With their expertise in simultaneous interpretation supported by the Williams AV equipment, WorldlyWise can support a wide variety of events and provide high-quality language interpreting solutions for small, medium, and large organizations.

How It Worked

During the event, eight panelists spoke in either English or Portuguese to the audience. The audio was transmitted through a digital conference system and then into a digital mixer. The audio from the active speaker was amplified and played through speakers in the room.

Additionally, the mixer sent the audio to the Interpreter Control Console, IC-2. Here, two interpreters, who were fluent in both Portuguese and English, received the floor language (the active speaker's language). The interpreters took turns interpreting using an IC-2 interpreter console to control interpretation functions and activate their microphones. The interpreted audio was transmitted back through the IC-2 and out to two Digi-Wave Connect units. These units sent the interpreted audio to the Digi-Wave Transceivers, which in turn broadcast the translated audio (target language) out to the Digi-Wave Receivers used by audience members needing interpretation.

Diagram for Wordlywise Case Study_Final2

Project Details

Application: Interpretation


Digi-Wave 400 Transceivers - DLT 400

Digi-Wave 400 Receivers - DLR 400 RCH

Digi-Wave Connect - DWD 401

Interpreter Control Console - IC-2