FM System Bridges the Language Gap in Colombia

FM System Bridges the Language Gap Between International and Local Communities in Colombia

Colombia is home to more than 51 million people who predominantly speak Spanish, accounting for 99% of the population in the country, which creates a significant demand for interpretation services for foreign visitors.

Kath Nygard, an independent language interpreter based in Colombia, specializes in providing English interpretation in the human rights and international humanitarian law sector. Her services are invaluable to journalists and international organizations visiting Colombia who need to communicate with people living in rural areas. When traveling to these remote areas, Kath often encounters rough terrain and extreme temperatures, and the small communities she visits often have limited access to electricity. She knew that to successfully work with her clients in these challenging conditions; she would need a durable, portable, and easy-to-use interpretation system.

The Solution

Kath thoroughly researched different interpretation solutions before choosing the Williams AV portable FM system. She selected this system because of its portability and user-friendly features. The transmitter displays the battery level, allows for volume adjustments, and provides the option to switch between channels if she needs to translate between multiple languages. The transmitter's batteries also have a 100-hour lifespan, making it perfect for remote locations without access to power. Clients found the receiver's straightforward design easy to use and durable to provide ample protection during travel in rugged environments. Kath Nygard stated, "The Williams AV FM system has revolutionized my work, and now it's so much easier to communicate and offer my interpretation services."  In short, the Williams AV FM system has provided her the flexibility she needs when interpreting and breaking down communication barriers.

Project Details

Application: Interpretation

Products: FM Transmitter & Receivers

FM Benefits:

  • Easy-to-Use Devices for Clients
  • Durable
  • Portable
  • Clear Audio