Walmart® Mexico Distribution Center Uses Digi-Wave Communication Solution for Facility Tours

Walmart® Mexico Uses Digi-Wave Communication Solution for Facility Tours

The Walmart® México Central Distribution Center located in CEDIS Santa Bárbara, Mexico, is a hub for merchandise distribution. Its bustling operations ensure a continuous influx of inventory, maintaining store supplies without interruption. The continuous sounds of conveyor lines, forklifts, and skids that run during daily operations make it difficult to hear conversations in the facility during guided tours with executives. Walmart® asked Gilsama, an AV distributor based in Mexico, and their AV systems integrator STAV Electronics, to help them find a portable intercom solution capable of overcoming the noise hurdles while providing seamless two-way communication.

The Solution

Gilsama and STAV Electronics evaluated several communication solutions and ultimately selected Williams AV's Digi-Wave transceiver, a portable, digital communication solution. The key features that made the Digi-Wave transceiver a fit for this application were its ability to allow up to six simultaneous talkers and crystal-clear sound, even when the equipment was in use. Users appreciated its small form factor, which makes it convenient to carry, and simple controls to activate their microphones and adjust the volume. With the implementation of Digi-Wave transceivers, the facility can seamlessly maintain its day-to-day operations while simultaneously accommodating executive tours.

Project Details

Application: Guided Tours


Digi-Wave 400 Transceivers - DLT 400


  • Two-Way Intercom
  • Audio transmission in noisy environments
  • Ease of Use

Distributed by: Gilsama

Installed by: STAV Electronics