Pocketalker® Breaks Down Communication Barriers Between Patients and Physicians

Helping Patients Hear

Hearing loss is common for many people, and hearing aids provide a solution. However, older individuals often find hearing aids' small size makes them difficult to handle and challenging to adjust. Their small size also makes it easy to misplace and even lose them. As a result, individuals frequently choose not to wear their hearing aid, creating a communication barrier. This can be particularly problematic when individuals require medical care.

Physician Isaac Vielma, MD, who practices geriatric and palliative care in California, treats many patients in clinic and hospital settings. He has experienced firsthand the difficulties of communicating with patients with hearing loss. " I once had a patient in the hospital who was hard of hearing and didn't have hearing aids. The patient's daughters told me I needed to yell in her ear." Dr. Vielma brought the patient a Pocketalker. The Pocketalker amplifies sounds closest to the listener while reducing background noise. With the Pocketalker, Dr. Vielma was able to have a conversation at a normal volume while standing at the foot of the patient's bed. "Almost every single time I've used the Pocketalker with a patient, they love it because it amplifies the sounds closest to them and it's easier to use than hearing aids. They are shocked by how such a simple device can make such a positive impact on their life," said Dr. Vielma.

Project Details

Application: Patient care

Products: Pocketalker

Pocketalker Benefits:

  • Easy-to-use, intuitive design
  • Long-lasting power
  • Improved sound clarity with adjustable tone control
  • Easy to hold with ergonomic, lightweight design
  • Receives sound from hearing looped venues with built-in telecoil
  • Optional rechargeable battery