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Practical Training for Everyday Installation

This full-day practical hearing loop training course is designed to take you through the principles of assistive listening, from an overview of why these systems are needed and general theory on how they work to installing, commissioning, and troubleshooting hearing loops to ensure a standards-compliant provision is in place.

We will start with the basics, so regardless of your current level of knowledge, this course will provide you with an understanding of everything needed to implement a suitable assistive listening solution in your next project.

This training is eligible for 8 AVIXA CTS RUs with a passing score. 


Introduction to Assistive Listening

  • The purpose of assistive listening
  • ADA legal requirements
  • Applications for assistive listening
  • Assistive listening technology comparison
  • Audio inputs
  • Understanding hearing loops

Introduction to Assistive Listening

  • Floor-level perimeter loop
  • Large perimeter loop at height
  • Loss control single array
  • Loss control multiloop
  • Two-turn perimeter loop
  • Cancelation loop
  • Overspill - low and vertical spill
  • Ceiling installation
  • Non-overlap multiloops
  • Counter & portable loops
  • Complex designs

Introduction to Assistive Listening

  • Install & commission perimeter loop
  • Install & commission counter loop
  • Install & commission low spill multiloop
  • Interpreting designs
  • Metal loss testing
  • Install tips & common faults
  • Cable types, feed cables & signal cables

Performance Standards

Test Equipment

Amplifier Types, Common Features & Connections

Dankert, Daryl

Daryl Dankert | International Technical Training
and Support Manager

Daryl is an AVIXA-certified trainer. He trains new employees and distributors worldwide on new or updated products and makes designs as part of the TechBlue team. 

Franke, Tim_300x300

Tim Franke | National Sales Manager Eastern U.S.

Tim has worked in the sales industry for over 20 years, traveling worldwide to meet with integrators, consultants, and local end customers. He appreciates the innovative organization within Williams AV and its mission to enhance accessibility. 


Dates & Locations: 

December 5th & December 6th | 8:00 am - 3:00 pm EST | Location: Woodside, New York

December 7th | 8:00 am - 3:00 pm EST | Location: Malrborough, Massachusettes 

Cost: $199

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